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The Peake Pet Care Soothing Ear Cleaner gently loosens and aids the expulsion of the irritating dirt and ear wax while disinfecting the animal's ear by penetrating even the smallest mammalian ear canal. It soothingly assists with the loosening and expulsion of accumulated dirt and ear wax which become a major source of irritation to most mammals. It sterilizes the ear and evaporates to leave a fine film of boric acid to provide an acidic environment which is hostile to bacteria, fungi, yeast and mites.


CLEANS AND DISINFECTS - Stinky stuff be gone, gunky itchy ears be gone with Peake Pet Car's soothing ear cleaner for Dogs

PREVENTATIVE - Use our ear cleaner in your dog's ears weekly/monthly to keep them problem free.

FAST ACTING - Penetrating the smallest ear canals, sterilizing as it goes.

SAFE FORMULA - Tried and tested Victorian formula.

EASY TO USE - The handy squeezable bottle features a convenient applicator nozzle and cleans canine ears in a jiffy.


Often more effective than VET prescribed treatments


Use regularly to prevent recurrent problems.


The product has no expiry date as it is self preserving being of an alcohol base.


Not to be used on puppies under 4 months, dogs that have infections that have not been checked out by a vet, or pregnant or nursing dogs.


When applied according to the Instructions for Use, Peake Pet Care's Soothing Ear Cleaner will penetrate even the smallest mammalian ear canal.






Peake Petcare Ear Cleaner

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